Watch Top 8 K-Drama of Big Mouth Star Lee jong Suk



Genre: Romance; Drama; Comedy; Family

This drama is about the idealistic Choi In Ha has her work cut out for her when she becomes a broadcast journalist, especially when she suffers from a condition known as “Pinocchio syndrome,” which makes her break out into hiccups whenever she tells a lie. Her rookie colleagues include Choi Dal Po ( Lee jong suk), whose shabby appearance masks his true eloquence and sharp memory.


Genre: Fantasy; Romance; Suspense; Thriller; Supernatural Gothic

If you love suspense and fantasy with lots of melodrama then this drama is best for you. W centers on the clash between “two worlds”: the real world and an alternate universe inside a webtoon, from which the title of the television series was taken. In this drama Lee jong suk played a webtoon main character Kang Chul who is very handsome, rich and intelligent.

2. W-two world

Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Thriller

A young woman has visions through her dreams of terrible things that will happen to people in the future. Lee jong suk played a character of prosecutor who tries to prevent these dreams from happening in real life.

3. While you were sleeping

Genre: Coming-of-age; Teen

This drama give Sukki first breakout role. This teen drama depicts the struggles and dilemmas that modern-day Korean youth face, such as bullying, student suicides, school violence, deteriorating teacher-student relations, private tutoring and other real-life high school issues, all within the confines of one small classroom at Victory High School.

4. School 2013

Genres: Drama, Romance, Comedy, Mystery, Fantasy

This is mixed genre drama. Lee jong suk played a role of a high school boy who can read other people’s minds. He got this ability at the age of 9 after he saw his father’s death in a car crash. If you love fantasy drama with lots of mystery this drama has it all.

5. I can hear your voice

Genres: Drama, Medical, Romance, Thriller

In this drama Lee jong suk played a role of young doctor Who flees from North Korea for life in the south, where he finds a woman who looks exactly like the woman he lost track of during his escape.

6. Doctor stranger

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Life, Romance

Lee jong suk played a role of a handsome and successful writer who is also a chief editor of a publishing company. Romance is a bonus book is talk about importance of books, friendship and situation of a women in korean society. This drama makes you fall in love with books

7. Romance is a bonus book

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Life, Romance

Big mouth tells the story of an underperforming lawyer (Lee Jong Suk)  who gets caught up in a murder case. In order to survive and protect his family, he digs into a huge conspiracy among the privileged upper classes It premiered on MBC TV on July 29, 2022, and also available for streaming on Disney+.

8. Big Mouth