new k-drama to check out in september 2022

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By: ladykia

Once Upon a Small Town 

Adapted from a web novel, this Netflix  series is a romantic comedy depicting Seoul veterinarian Han Ji-yul unexpectedly being thrown into a rural village and meeting local police officer Ahn Ja-yeong.

Genre: Comedy; Romance; 

Love in Contract

Love in Contract tells the story of a helper service that provides wives to single people needing partners to take to gatherings for married couples and school reunions

Genre: Business; Romance;

The Law Cafe 

Adapted from the web novel "Love According to Law". The Law Cafe tells the love story of Kim Jeong-ho (Lee Seung-gi), a former prosecutor who is known as "monster genius," and Kim Yu-ri (Lee Se-young), a beautiful lawyer with a 4-D personality.

Genre: Law; Romance;

Little Women

The series depicts the story of three poor sisters who are close, and how they bravely face Korea's richest family.

Genre: Drama; Novel;


Ryu Sung Joon, Ryu Sung Hoon and Jo Eun Ki become involved in a serial murder case involving jury members as the victims. These three individuals try to uncover the truth behind the deaths.

Genre: Detective; Drama; Investigation; Mystery; Suspense; 

The Golden Spoon 

Lee Seung-cheon a child born in a poor family, who changes fate with a friend who was born in a wealthy family through a golden spoon and becomes an acquired gold spoon.

Genre: Fantasy; Hidden Identity; Psychological; Slice of Life; Supernatural


The life-saving journey of a Korean drug king in Suriname in South America and a businessman who was engaged in a secret operation by the NIS.

Genre: Crime; Drama; Thriller;