Memorable "Our Blues" Kdrama Quote 

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By: ladykia

Don’t date anyone out of spite and don’t date someone who likes you. Date someone you like.

– Jeong-joon

You can’t always have everything your way in life. That’s life.

– Hosik

Whenever life feels suffocating, look behind you. You’ll find a whole new world.

– Dong-seok

When there a lot on your mind. Just keep yourself super busy. I stay busy everyday otherwise, I think too much. Thinking too much is bad for everyone.

– Dong-seok

I think I’m turning into n awful person. I measure the pros and cons even when it comes to love. I’m a horrible person who only cares about my interests.

– Eun-hee

People always changes their minds. The thing that makes you happy can suddenly make you miserable.

Han Soo

Young-ok – Let’s go out. You’ll get hurt. Jeong-joon – Then try not to hurt me. Why are you determined to hurt me?