Top 10 K-Dramas Based on True Stories 

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By: ladykia

1.. Reply 1988

"Reply 1988" is a South Korean drama set in the late 1980s. It follows the lives of five childhood friends and their families in a Seoul neighborhood.

2.  Fight For My Way (2017)

 Also known as "Third-Rate My Way," The drama revolves around the lives of four friends who are in their late twenties and struggling to pursue their dreams

3. Signal (2016)

The drama draws inspiration from some notable incidents and cases that occurred in South Korea's history.

4. Hwarang

Another true story based South Korean historical drama set during the Silla Dynasty. It follows a group of elite warriors known as Hwarang.

5. Taxi Driver

"Taxi Driver" is a South K-drama about a special taxi service that seeks revenge for victims failed by the justice system.

6. Move To Heaven

"Move To Heaven" is a South K-drama draws inspiration from the essay "Things Left Behind" written by Kim Sae-byul, a former trauma cleaner.

7. Queen For Seven Days

"Queen for Seven Days" is a South Korean drama based on the true story of Queen Dangyeong of Joseon.

8. The Hymn Of Death

"The Hymn of Death" also known as "Death Song," is based on a true story. The drama is inspired by the life of Yun Sim-deok.

9. Juvenile Justice (2022)

Another drama which is loosly based on true events. Sim Eun Seok is an elite judge with a prickly personality who hates juvenile offenders

10. The Red Sleeve (2021)

The historical k-drama is Adapted from the novel "The Sleeve's Red Cuff" (옷소매 붉은 끝동) by Kang Mi Kang (강미강)