bts rm most handsome man in the world?

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By:  ladykia

Last week many media outlets  reported BTS's leader Namjoon has been crowned as the most handsome man in the world say a survey by TC Candler.

It also reported that RM beats Henry Cavill as the most handsome man in the world.

This is a fake news because both Henry Cavill and RM never even in the Top 5 of any TC Candler annual list ever.

so the news about Namjoon beats Henry for the top spot is already fake .

 TC Candler's 100 Most Beautiful / Handsome Faces voting  only  takes place in Dec, so the voting has not even happened for the 2022 edition.

TC Candler issued a statement to denied the claim  - "For those who  have been asking and spreading the, we have not released the 2022 list yet."

"Nothing has been decided in 2022 and nothing will be until we hold a vote in december."

"If you see the meme or the news story flooting around social media, please iignore and don't share."