9 Things You Need to Know About "XO, Kitty" Actor Sang Heon Lee

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By: ladykia

1. Born on May 21, 1996, Lee Sang Heon is 27 years old and gemini.

2. Sang Heon was born in South Korea, but lived in Los Angeles, California.

3. Lee Sang Heon (Min Ho) and Kim Gia (who plays Yuri) are real-life siblings. The cast members didn’t know about it at first.

4. His cooking on the series during its Chuseok episode wasn't just for show. lee sang heon can cook just like Min Ho!

5. He studied drama in England at the University of Northampton and already completed his mandatory military service in Korea.

6. Lee Sang Heon is also a model and has posted several photos on insta showcasing his good physique.

7. His Instagram account is @sangheonleesh, where he posts bts photos and his everyday life. Currently, he has 1.4 million followers, as of writing. 

8. He's set to make his movie debut on "Gran Turismo"  starring Orlando Bloom.

9. He loves rock climbing.  he has two Instagram accounts! The second one is @climb_nice  dedicated to his rock climbing activities.