7 Things You Should Know About Extraordinary Attorney Woo's star Kang Tae Oh

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Kang Tae Oh is a South Korean actor and singer. Born on June 20, 1994, he made his acting debut in the 2013 web drama “After School: Lucky or Not.

Wanna know more about this heartthrob star? Keep reading to find out!

Kang Tae Oh starred in a Korean-Vietnamese series titled “Forever Young” that received a lot of popularity and awards in Vietnam. Tae Oh would require security to help escort him to the hotel because of the fan go crazy about him. We really don’t blame them!

1. He acted in a popular Vietnamese drama!

Kang Tae Oh was part of an all actor group 5urprise. he made his acting debut with the other members of 5urprise, in the 2013 mobile drama “After School: Lucky or Not."

2. He was part of an all-actor group called 5urprise

In a recent interview with Singles Korea, Kang Tae Oh revealed that his MBTI is INFP.

3. His MBTI  is INFP

His first historical drama was "the Tale of Nokdu", Kang Tae-oh play role of Prince Neungyang. The king's nephew who seemingly lives a simple and happy life. He is a man known for his good looks and talent in cooking.

4. His first historical series was “The Tale of Nokdu”

Let me tell you, Kang Tae oh isn’t exactly his real name. In fact, it’s actually his stage name and his real name is Kim Yoon hwan.

5. Kang Tae Oh is not his real name

In a recent interview he told that his mostly ex- girlfriends are older then him and he like to date women who is older.

6. He prefers dating older women

Last one is shocking news for all fans of Kang tae oh. He decided to enlisting for mandatory military service.  His agency revealed that he will probably join the army.

7. Extraordinary Attorney woo is his last drama before enlisting for mandatory military service