7 Korean Dramas To Watch After Squid Game

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1. Hellbound (2021)

People hear predictions on when they will die. When that time comes, a death angel appears in front of them and kills them.

2.  Sweet Home (2020)

the residents of Green Homes are trapped where a monster trying to drive humanity out of various forms of distorted human desires. 

3.  The Silent Sea (2021)

Set in the future, when the planet suffers from a lack of water and food caused by desertification  

4. Missing Nine (2017)

Ra Bong Hee, the only known survivor of a plane crash is forced to remember and re-tell the story of the other eight passengers' disappearance to silence the public's tumult.

5. All of Us Are Dead (2022)

A group of high school students who are faced with an extreme crisis situation when they become trapped in their school, while a zombie virus spreads like a wildfire.

6. Dark Hole (2021)

About a group of survivors who have to fight for their lives against mutants that are created when humans breathe mysterious dark smoke from a sinkhole.

7. My Name (2021)

Following her father's murder, a revenge-driven woman puts her trust in a powerful crime boss — and enters the police force under his direction.