My Lovely Liar (2023) Korean Drama Quotes

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My Lovely Liar is a South Korean television series directed by Nam Sung-woo, story about a young woman Mok Sol Hee (Kim So-hyun) with an extraordinary and supernatural ability. She is able to “hear” other people’s lies, no matter how hard they try to obfuscate the truth. But this superpower has left her jaded: She no longer has any faith in other people, and now considers them all to be morally bankrupt.

But that all changes when she meets a successful music producer named Kim Do Ha (Hwang Min-hyun), the only person in the world her superpower does not work on.

My Lovely Liar Quotes

People aren’t as interested in others as you may think. Everyone’s busy dealing with their own lives.

– Mok Sol Hee

Take a look around you and you’ll learn that every family has their own problems.

– Kim Doha

No one in the world lives without lying. Everyone lies.

– Kim Doha

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