“King the Land” Korean Drama Quote (2023)

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Synopsis :- Heir Goo Won (Lee Joon Ho) cannot stand fake smiles. When he meets Cheon Sa Rang (Im Yoon Ah), her sincere smile is at the ready. The pair seek to create happy moments where they can smile brightly at each other.

Here’s some beautiful quotes from the K-drama King The Land –

I know I should do as I’m told. But i need to know. I’m person, not a puppet.

Sa Rang

When you feel upset in the future. Don’t hold it in and just tell people. Throw a fit if you want to. If you want to be a crybaby. Be one too.

Sa Rang’s grandma

Someone said that everyone should be treated with equal respect.

Goo Won

You should be with a man who’s good to you.

Sa Rang’s grandma

If I don’t, the things that I do become chores that can be done by anyone. However, if I give meaning to it, it becomes something special that only I can do.

Sa Rang

If you like her, you should first find out what kind of life she’s lived and what kind of person she is.

Sa Rang’s grandma

I’m always smiling. I smile even when I’m hurt or sad. But it’s better that I suffer the pain. If someone else suffered because of me, that would make me feel even worse.

Sa Rang

Why do we have to wish for something that should already be given? We deserve what we deserve.

Pyeong Hwa

Kids being mature is not a good sign. Adults should be the nature ones. Even being mature as an adult is hard.

Sa Rang

Being honest isn’t a bad thing. It means you’re brave.

Gu Won

Rain falls on everyone. It’s just that some get wetter than others. But eventually, the rain stops. I’ll be your umbrella.

Lee Ro Un

You only live once. You should do what you really want to do. Don’t mind other people and don’t hesitate either.

Sarang’s grandma

“Shall we go?” – Gu Won

“Anywhere with you.” – Sa Rang

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