Top 9 Pinocchio Korean Drama Quotes

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Pinocchio Korean drama about Dal-po, a man whose family was ruined by a news channel, and In-ha, his friend who has the Pinocchio Syndrome forbidding her from speaking lies, become journalists and strive to fight for justice.

Pinocchio Korean Drama Quotes

I thought this fluttering of my heart would die down in due time. When the fluttering died down, I thought I would be able to leave easily. However, that was an foolish mistake and an excuse to stay by her side.

– Dal-po

Whether it’s coincidence or not, what does it matter? The important thing is that we met.

– Beom-jo

You apologize in front of the person concerned. If you say it others, it is just pathetic self blame.

– Ki Jae Myung

The truth is like a puzzle broken into pieces here and there. So we cannot see the full picture. When we find out something’s not true. The truth send us a small signal to try looking again. That’s what we call doubt.

– In-ha

Once you start comparing, your happiness will end and the misfortune will start.


The small pieces that don’t suit the perfect looking truth, doubt.

– Dal-po

Asking question was all that our ambition allowed for us to do. Even though those questions may have seemed powerless… The more question that were asked the more they tried to hide answer and in the end their secrets that they tried so hard to keep hidden would become the key to unlocking those answers.

– Dal-po

No matter how you try to hide it. The truth always has a way of coming out. Somehow.

– Dal-po

It’s not a sin to say what needs to be said. It’s a sin to say what you should not say.

– In-ha’s grandpa
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