10 Memorable Quotes From Korean Drama Mystic Pop-Up Bar

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“Mystic Pop-Up Bar” is based on a popular webtoon of the same name and tells the story of a mysterious pojangmacha (outdoor drinking establishment) run by a prickly woman (Hwang Jung Eum) and an innocent part-timer (Yook Sung Jae) who visit customers in their dreams to help resolve their problems.

It’s a type of drama that everyone should watch. This drama is mixture of knockabout comedy, mystical elements, romance, tear jerking tragedy with lots of good quotes that are worth sharing.

Below I shared 10 Memorable Quotes From Korean Drama Mystic Pop-Up Bar :-

A wedding isn’t the only confirmation of a marriage.

If you want to be on good terms with other people, it’s better to be in the dark about other people’s feelings.

Swords and gun are not the Only weapons that can kill, it was your tongue that killed her.

When you run a race, you either come in first, second, or last. But it’s important to have a fair start.

So everyone needs to get a hold of themselves and live a good life. Saying something nice to someone.

If there is a next life, I will be sure to find you. Even if I have to sacrifice my soul, I will protect you.

No matter what’s making you suffer right now, things will settle and pass eventually. Hang in there until then, and you’ll find yourself stronger.

Everyone has a wound that pains them. The moment you’re willing to reveal that wound you wanted to hide is when you find someone with the same wound.

“I know. I’m in as much pain as you are. So you can cry in front of me.” As you show them your true self, and when they do exactly the same, you begin to get to know each other little by little.

Life is all about mentality.if you’re scared,you’ll achieve nothing. All we have to do is just give it our best shot.

We all need someone who listen to us.

Which one among these is your favorite quote? Do let me know.

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