12 Beautiful Scottish Words That Will Brighten Your Day A Little Bit

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As you know how beautiful Scotland is as quoted by JK Rowling “It is one of the most hauntingly beautiful places in the world, the history is fascinating, the men are handsome and the whiskey is delicious.” But do you know Scottish words are equally beautiful too. I want to share 12 beautiful Scottish word that will brighten your day ~

Lady kia town: 20 π™π™£π™žπ™¦π™ͺπ™š π™©π™§π™–π™«π™šπ™‘ 𝙬𝙀𝙧𝙙 π™¬π™žπ™©π™ π™—π™šπ™–π™ͺπ™©π™žπ™›π™ͺ𝙑 π™’π™šπ™–π™£π™žπ™£π™œ 𝙛𝙀𝙧 𝙖 π™¬π™–π™£π™™π™šπ™§π™‘π™ͺ𝙨𝙩

15 beautiful and cool Japanese word with beautiful meaning we don’t have in english

8 Cute Japanese Words With Adorable Meanings | Cute Words

1. Coorie – to cuddle or nestle in, especially when it is cold

2. Stravaig – to wander without purpose

3. Camhanaich – early morning twilight

4. Hause – to cuddle

5. Fairfaw – bless

6. Flichterin – fluttering; as in butterfly wings or a flame

7. Crouss – to be cheerful

8. Faodail – a lucky find

9. Smourich – a kiss

10. Splang – flash, sparkle

11. Saorsa – freedom, liberty

12. Solasta – luminous, shining

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