Beautiful Quotes from the KDrama, Romance is a Bonus Book

Top Most Beautiful Quotes from the KDrama, Romance is a Bonus Book

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If that was what love was, I didn’t want to fall in love. Who can’t see what the other person needs, blinded by my emotions. I wanted to be there for that person I love until the end.

One thing all those tears have taught me is the fact that crying doesn’t solve anything.

The thought of being saved by a knight in shining armor is too far fetched for me to believe. I’d rather write my own life’s story.

We are like books, we wait for someone to find us and open to see what’s inside.

I heard that the Inuit don’t need a word to express excellence. There’s no such thing as an excellent whale or an excellent polar bear. The same goes for us humans. No on can be perfect

t was love for me, but not for her. I knew it for a long time so it’s sadder and more painful.

Opening a new book is like opening a room full of my favorite things.

A book that inspires others may not always inspire you, so find a book that does.

The moon is beautiful, isn’t it? Yes, it is.

( when the author, Soseki Natsume, was a school teacher, he told his student to translate something as homework. When the student translate, “I love you” Into Japanese, he just translated it word- fir word “I love you”. Do you know what the author said to his student? Since Japanese people don’t say that often, he told the student it would be better to translate it, “The moon is beautiful”.)

Telling someone how you feel is as hard as Translating ancient documents.

I read poems when I’m lost or when I have a lot to say.

When something leaves, it leaves a hole and you get to decide what to fill it with.

That’s how good books are. If you reread a book you read when you were ten, it feels completely different because we have changed. The book you have hasn’t changed. I’m pretty sure it’s you who change. The heart of the reader has changed.

I don’t know when I started to like you. From spring to summer. From summer to fall and from fall to winter. Do you know when the season changes? Do you know exactly when winter ends and spring begins? I didn’t know when exactly my feelings for you started to grow.

It’s okay if you realize your feelings later my love for you doesn’t change. I loved you first, so I’ll wait. The longe

Lending a shoulder to cry is more comforting than telling someone not to cry.

I read Dan-I’s favorite books to understand her. That’s how I learned more about her.

When you kiss someone, everything becomes quiet and a second feels like forever.

Having feeling for someone means giving away a bit of your heart.

Loving someone is strange and amazing at the same time.

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