8 Cute Japanese Words With Adorable Meanings

8 Cute Japanese Words With Adorable Meanings | Cute Words

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Japan is heaven for you if you love cute things like cute room decor items, cute stuffed animal, cute iPhone case, cute handbags, hello kitty accessories etc.
Japan is mecca of cuteness. Cuteness is a major part of Japanese culture. So if you plan on travelling, it would be wise idea to learn some of those cute words because Japanese language full of cute words and expressions to describe just the right feeling.
Many of cute Japanese words may seem cute and childish to a foreigner but Japanese people used it pretty often in their day to day conversation.
Plus if you are a anime and manga lover this list of cute Japanese words would be very useful for you.
So let’s swoon over these cute Japanese words –

8 Cute Japanese Words With Adorable Meanings


1. Dokidoki (ドキドキ) – thumping, pounding



Doki- doki (ドキドキ ) describe that feeling  when you feel your heartbeat because rush of emotion when your crush holds your hand, excitement, nervousness, stage fright. Whenever you imagine a fast heartbeat you can use this word.
Example :-  Dokidoki Shiteru
                My heart is beating fast. 

2. Perapera ( ぺらぺら ) – being fluent

Perapera ( ぺらぺら ) is used When someone speaks fluently in a language or for someone who is very talkative.
Example :- he is fluent in Japanese and Korean. 
    かれ わ にほんご と かんこくーご ぺらぺら
       kare wa nihongo to Kankoku-go perapera

3. Wakuwaku (ワクワク ) – to feel excited



This is non-sexual kind of excitement but You might feel that when you get a news about BTS new song out if that’s your thing or you’re finally going to Japan for the first time.
 Example:- I’m finally going to Japan for the first time, feeling so excited. 
Yōyaku hajimete Nihon ni iku node wakuwaku shimasu

4. Shuwa-shuwa ( シュワシュワ) – bubbling sound, Frizzziness

Shuwa-shuwa ( シュワシュワ) describes fizziness, the sound of bubbles or sound of the 
bubbles rise in a carbonated beverage like sparkling water or champagne. 
Example :- I like sparkly ( drink). 
              Shuwashuwa ga suki

5. Ufufu ( うふふ ) – Chuckle, giggle



Example :- That looks like the kind of guy who’d be my boyfriend tee – hee – hee
Sore wa watashi no bōifurendo no tī ni naru yōna otoko no yō ni miemasu ufufu

6. Kira-kira ( キラキラ) – glittering, sparkling



Example :- the star is twinkling. 
                    Hoshi wa kirakira

7. Kawaii ( かわいい) – cute, sweet



 No list about cute Japanese words would be complete without including the well known word kawaii.
Anyone who love anime and manga definitely know this word. I already told you Japan is so into in cute things and kawaii is culture of cuteness in japan.
Kawaii (cuteness) culture has become a prominent aspect of Japanese entertainment, fashion, mannerisms, personal appearance, toy, food.
kawaii word use for anything human or Non-human items that are attractive, childlike, shy, vulnerable, adorable.
Example :- you are so cute. 
           Anata wa totemo kawaīdesu

8. Chōchō (ちょちょ) :- butterfly



Butterflies are quite cute and beautiful but Japanese word for butterflies is even cuter. Isn’t cute to say chōchō. 
Let me know which one is your favorite cute Japanese word in the comments.

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