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The Beautiful Poem In “Because This Is My First Life” Korean Drama

The Beautiful Poem In “Because This Is My First Life” Korean Drama
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Movies or dramas from different countries are good source to know about their languages, culture, religion, food, lifestyle, literature etc… Personally I love korean drama and through dramas I got to learn a lot about this country and in this process I found a beautiful poem that was featured in drama called “Because This Is My First Life.”
In the ep.11 jiho found this book in se hee’s almirah. This book was a gift from se hee’s ex girlfriend. Jiho read this poem when she is on trip to her parents hometown.
A Little introduction of this poem….
Book – Island 섬 ( 2009) 
Poem title – The Visitor
Author – Jeong Hyeonjong (정현종)
Meeting Someone In Life Is Something That’s Actually Astonishing. 
That’s Because, He Brings Himself With His Past, 
Present And His Future.
That’s Because Someone’s Whole Life Comes Along. 
The Heart Is Fragile. Therefore, It Might Have Been Broken That Heart Is Coming Too.
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