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Quote of the week #4

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“A man is but a product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes.”     
                                             – Mahatma Gandhi

Hello readers…. 

I choose a quote by Mahatma Gandhi for this week. So here is the little explanation Of this quote according to my point of view. You can share yours on the comment section… 
The quotation “A man is but a product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes” explain that everything in our life we achieve or lose depend on the way of our thinking. Our thinking can be either positive or negative, happy or sad, good or bad and we attract it into our life what we think. 
if you have a Positive thought towards your life you can do anything you want and if you start thinking negative in every situation it leave a bad impact on your life. 
Imagine before a competition if I start thinking that I’ll lose. In that case can I win..? This is called a negative thinking. So it is said that as we think , so we become. 
Our father of nation Mahatma Gandhi is perfect example of what a positive thought can do. His thought of making India what India is today an independent country proved that with positive thought and strong will power you can achieve anything. As Buddha said, “what you think, you become. what you feel, you attract. what you imagine, you create.”
I hope everyone understand importance of positive thoughts and will try to be a good human being in whatever situation we have. 
That way we can use our mind and wisdom to make a beautiful and happy world for everyone. 
Thank you…
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