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Quote Of The Week #3

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 “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.”
                                             – Albert Einstein


Hello readers….

I choose a quote by Albert Einstein for this week . So here is the little explanation Of this quote according to my point of view. You can share yours on the comment section…
Life is like a race which is all about to achieve our own destination and in this process we have to face a lots of problems and worries but if you want to succeed then  Never Give Up Till  Achieve Your Goals. 
And according to this quote life is like riding a bicycle and the road we travel is our problems. So we should have to keep moving to keep our balance on this road.
We all knew that nobody can make a great achievement in one day. We have to keep trying to succeed in our life.
In this Corona pandemic time it’s become very important to keep your bicycle of your life in balance and keep moving. Because time never stop for anyone. Sometimes your bicycle may shiver but you need not to worry instead you have to fight. Fight against all your problems and keep moving towards your goal.
In Korea they say Hwaiting or fighting means best of luck or cheering for someone.
So…… Hwaiting everyone! 
Thank you…

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