10 Happy Japanese Words That Bring You Happiness And Joy | Happy one Words 2020

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Everyone has a different reason for learning Japanese language. I think there is probably  have a three reason if someone want to learn Japanese language.


1. because one day he/ she want to go Japan. 

2. Because of anime and manga hehehe


3. Because you know it’s nice to known the second language. 

Well today aside from your learning reason let me just introduce you 10 happy Japanese words that bring you happiness and joy and you definitely want to add to your vocabulary list. So let’s get started…

10 happy Japanese words that bring you happiness and joy

So I already told you about Japanese ikigai concept and they practice this concept in day to day life to live a long and happy life.
Japanese language have a unique words to describe feeling and emotions that sometimes hard to describe in one word and for express happiness and gratitude they have a collection of amazing words for this too.
Here is 10 happy Japanese words that bring you happiness and joy…

1. Ureshii ( 嬉しい  ) :- happy



Example :-
I’m So Happy To See You. 
Watashi wa anata ni aete totemo ureshīdesu

2. Kofun suru ( 古墳する ) :- Excited



Example :-
I got really excited as I watched the movie. 
Eiga o mitehontōnikōfunshimashita

3. Genki ( 元気 ) :- lively, cheerful, spirits



Example :- she is in good spirits today
Kanojo wa kyō genkidesu

4. Subarashii ( すばらしい ) :- wonderful

Example :- 
His acting Performance was wonderful. 
Kare no engi wa subarashikatta

5. Suki ( すき ) :- like

suki means like or love. It can be used for a person, place, or thing.
Example :- l love classical music.
                   Kurashikku ga daisuki
                          I like you.
              Watashi wa anata ga sukidesu

6. Omoshiroi ( 面白い ) :- Interesting, Amusing

Example :-
The sky full of star i always found this amusing
Hoshi de ippai no sora watashi wa itsumo kore o omoshiroi to omoimasu

7. Kirei ( きれい ) :- Beautiful

Example :- You are very beautiful.
                    Anata wa totemo kirei
                   あなた わ とても きれい

8.  Shinsetsu ( 親切 ) :- Kindness

Example :- He is a very kind person who likes to help others in need.
Kare wa komatte iru hito o tasukeru koto o konomu totemo shinsetsuna hitodesu.

9. Warau ( 笑う ) :- Laugh, Smile

Example :- My boyfriend always laughs even at my bad jokes.
Watashi no bōifurendo wa watashi no warui jōdande sae itsumo waraimasu.

10. Ai ( 愛 ) :- Love

Usually this word use when you love someone so badly and want to spend your life with that person
you can just say ‘Anata o hontōni aishiteimasu'(あなたを本当に愛しています ) 
Means I love you so much.
Thank you…🌼
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