Top 5 Free Book Reading Apps That Every Booklover Should Explore

Top 5 Free Book Reading Apps That Every Booklover Should Explore 2021

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As you know I love reading and online reading is the best option if you don’t want to go physically in library. Book reading app provide you a huge collection of books on your palm.
You can read whenever and wherever you are and best part is that it’s not occupy any space of your room Or study room.


Many reading apps provide audiobooks too, So if you’re working or cooking you can listen your favorite book with doing your thing.
In this coronavirus pandemic and quarantine times give us a lot of free time to complete all the Books we wanted to read and reading book apps are become very important thing to a booklovers and it’s exciting to know that many apps there providing a vast collection of book and audiobooks are absolutely freeeee.
So here is my top 5 free book reading apps that every booklovers should explore….

1. Wattpad 


well wattpad is my favorite because
Wattpad offers different types of book like nonfiction, teen – fiction, historical, fantasy and many more. There are Over 20 million stories on wattpad.
You could write your own story there as well and share your story with a global community. You know after movie, it’s written by Anna Todd. She started that series on wattpad. It was fan fiction of one direction.
So if you wanna write your own story you can start on wattpad and publish it and of course you can read many books and novels for free.
π™°πš—πšπš›πš˜πš’πš, πš’π™Ύπš‚, π™Όπš’πšŒπš›πš˜πšœπš˜πšπš

2. E reader prestigio

E reader prestigio offers thousand of ebooks in more than 25 languages. It can instantly translate text with google translate, color dict with offline support. you can also enjoy reading with Audiobook player.
This app is extremely user friendly and provide a lot of  helpful reading tools like highlighting, customizable font size, switch the color mode and many more.

3.Amazon Kindle


Amazon Kindle is a simple cheapest app in the eBook reading market. It has a huge collection of ebooks, textbooks and comics read.
you can download it on your devices or buy its proprietary device.
It’s available to read at any time and It was ranked as the best-selling eReader app around the world.
π™°πš—πšπš›πš˜πš’πš, πš’π™Ύπš‚, π™ΌπšŠπšŒ, π™ΏπšŒ

4.Pocketbook reader


Pocketbook reader is a super comfortably book reading app for readers who not only like to read books but also like to listen. the app support audiobooks and has text to speech function.
Pocketbook reader app allows you to read
ad – free and absolutely free.
π™°πš—πšπš›πš˜πš’πš, πš’π™Ύπš‚

5. Read era 

Read era offers reading for free without any ads to halt your interest and has a vast collection of eBook.
You can switch the day / night color mode and keep track of books you read and bookmarks where you are at in each book.
Readers get to read in format like EPUB, MOBI, PDF, kindle, WORD ( DOC, DOCX, RTF).
Happy reading….. 😊
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