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Quote Of The Week #2

Quote Of The Week #2
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I watched Peter Weir’s Dead Poet Society four years ago because a friend of mine recommend me. I know I was so late to watch.
It’s been 31 years since this movie released but I am so glad that I watched this movie. It’s really really good. Especially I like this quote so much and that’s why I wanted to include this in my Quote Of The Week…..
“Medecine, Law, Business, Engineering, These Are Noble Pursuits And Necessary To Sustain Life. But Poetry, Beauty, Romance, Love: These Are What We Stay Alive For.”
                               – Dead Poet Society (1989)
                                 American Teen Drama
In this film Robin Williams playing the role of John Keating, an English teacher in the elite conservative Vermont boarding school Welton Academy and he delivered one of his Memorable performance.
You know what is the best part of this movie, whenever you watch Dead Poet Society you will learn something new and you’ll understand when you see what Keating’s character offer you and why I’m saying that.
I want to share a post I found on Pinterest and it’s show how great this movie is…. πŸ™
Thank you…… 🌼

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