Short Quotes That Motivate You To Work Hard On Your Dream

30 Best Short Quotes That Motivate You To Work Hard On Your Dream With Quoted Phone Wallpapers

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If you are reading this post that means you feel less motivated right now. We all know that we can’t feel motivated all time and that’s why we need some good motivational Quotes in our life. A good quotes clear your mind and make you to work harder for your dream.

Here is some short motivational quotes to start your day with great mindset to achieve your goals.
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#1.  Do Something Today That Your Future Self
       Will Thank You For.
#2. Nothing worth having comes easy.
#3. Choose your habits carefully,
       they decide your future.
#4. It always seems impossible until it’s done.
#5.  Work while they sleep.
#6. Don’t be afraid to fail.
     Be afraid not to try.
#7. You’ve got 2 choices:
      * Do it now
      * Regret it later
#8. See the possibility,
      not the problem.
#9. If there is no struggle
       There is no progress.
#10. One day you will be so glad
         for not giving up today.
#11. I can & I will watch me dear.
#12. The secret of getting ahead
         is getting started.
#14. If you get tired,
         learn to rest not to quit.
#15. Passion + Consistency = Success
#16. Believe in yourself.
#17. Hey you,
          don’t give up. Okay….?
#18.  Doubt kills more dreams
         than failure ever does.
#19. Dreams don’t work
        unless you do.
#20. Don’t be busy,
         Be productive.
#21. Don’t stop, until you are proud.
#22. Push yourself
         Because no one else is going to
         do it for you.
#23. They want you to fail so go Succeed.
#24. Study.
#25. Get up.
         Clear your desk.
         Tie your hair and just start.
#26. You can’t fly unless you let yourself fall.
#27. Everybody has the same 24 hours.
#28. Never give up
        because great things take time.
#29.  Don’t stress.
          Do your best.
          Forget the rest.
#30. Study little more today.
         So you do not have to regret                                 tomorrow.
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